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James and the Giant Peach (VHS, 1996
About this productProduct InformationStep into Roald Dahl's magical world in the movie 'James and the Giant Peach.' James is an orphan who is treated cruelly by his aunts, but his life changes when a stranger gives him a pouch of magic crocodile tongues. He spills them in his yard and a peach grows as huge as a house. James goes on an adventure with his new, giant bug friends, and the fun begins. The movie is a mix of live-action, stop-motion animation, and computer-generated special effects created by Tim Burton and Henry Selick. Released in 1996 in VHS format and packaged in a clamshell case, it runs about 79 minutes.
  Levitating Craft
This is a magnetic Levitation Speaker which can float in the mid-air and 360 degree auto rotating at the same time. In nature a magnet has the ability to resist gravity so called magnetic suspension.Powered by advanced magnetic levitation technology, the CosmoCraft effortlessly suspends itself above its base, creating an enchanting visual spectacle that adds a touch of magic to any space. Its seamless, wireless connectivity via Bluetooth allows you to stream your favorite music with ease, eliminating the hassle of cords and cables.
The ultimate guide to weight loss
This product is an e-book composed of 17 modules with tips and teachings about physical exercises and eating habits that can help you lose weight in a healthy way.Our e-book offers a complete guide to help you lose weight healthily and achieve a better quality of life. By combining exercise and a balanced diet, you can achieve your goals effectively.Find here valuable tips to lose weight in a healthy and lasting way. Learn to combine exercise and a diet balanced for effective results.The file in this e-book is in "pdf" format, so you will need a program that opens pdf files, such as Microsoft Edge, Adobe Acrobat, etc.
  Build Any Business and Earn 100% Commissions
The Prosperity Marketing System is the ONLY place you can create your own fully customized downline builder and promote up to 16 programs of YOUR choice while earning 100% commissions!
Harriet the spy 1997 vhs
Harriet the spy 1997 vhsAbout this productProduct InformationEleven-year-old Harriet's (Michelle Trachtenberg) obsession for observation is well-chronicled in her most treasured possession: a notebook marked "Private," in which she collects her frequently unflattering--though accurate--thoughts about those around her. When her classmates discover her penchant for "spying," however, they're anything but amused. Adapted from the 1964 book by Louise Fitzhugh.
  The King Was No Fool, Reuben Hilde, 1980 Paperback
The King Was No Fool, Reuben Hilde, 1980 Paperback
Alice in Bibleland Storybooks: The Story of Jonah
Alice in Bibleland Storybooks: The Story of Jonah by Alice Joyce Davidson.
  The Aristocats VHS Tape #2529 (1996) Disney Masterpiece Coll
The Aristocats VHS Tape #2529 (1996) Disney Masterpiece Collection
Contact over 20,000 people with one message
You receive 6,000 credits a month for sending Direct Contacts. Targeted Contact allows you to send an e-mail or personal message to people with specific interests, or in specific locations.
  Send your message to over 150,000 users
Adlander Plus offers you contact with all its members who agreed to receive messages.


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